Zayed Giving Initiative starts second phase of mobile hospitals

ABU DHABI — Doctors of the Zayed Giving Initiative have started the second phase of the mobile hospitals humanitarian mission across the emirates, starting from Abu Dhabi, for the early detection and treatment of chronic diseases to prevent their spread and achieve improved health for the community.

The mission is in line with the directives of the UAE leadership declaring the year 2017 as the #Year of Giving. It is a joint community volunteer initiative between the Zayed Giving Initiative, Dar Al Ber Society, Sharjah Charity International, Saudi German Hospitals Group and the Emirates Volunteer Centre.

The second phase of the mobile hospital was launched following the huge success of the first phase. Over 500,000 citizens and residents across the country have benefited from various medical services, under the supervision of doctors volunteering in the community under specialised volunteer programmes.

The second phase aims to provide the best diagnostic, curative and preventive medical procedures in residential districts, sports centres, governmental institutions and employee complexes. It also seeks to establish communication channels with public and private health associations, motivate medical personnel to volunteer and strengthen the culture of giving, and promote community coherence.

Dr. Adel Al Shameri, CEO of Zayed Giving Initiative, said that the programmes of the mobile hospitals and clinics include field visits to every area in the UAE, starting from the capital Abu Dhabi. They will receive patients and provide diagnostic, curative, preventive and medical awareness services, especially to children and elderly people, on a volunteer basis.

He added, “International medical studies have proven that 85 percent of chronic diseases can be prevented by early detection and adoption of awareness and preventive programmes aimed at a better lifestyle with healthy eating habits and physical exercise.”

Source: Emirates News Agency