Yemeni Government stresses keenness to protect civilians from risks of military operations in Hodeidah

ADEN, The Government of Yemen has emphasised its keenness to protect civilians from the risk of ongoing military operations in the Governorate of Hodeidah.

The Yemen News Agency today quoted Yemen’s Minister of Human Rights Mohammed Askar while saying,” Yemen’s legitimate government and the Arab Coalition are working to ensure that civilians are not endangered by the risks of combat operations, and will provide safe havens for the displaced people, and prevent the Houthi militias to use them as human shields as well as allow them to move safely.”

Askar praised the humanitarian initiatives announced by the Emirates Red Crescent and the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) to run land and sea bridge to provide relief for the population of Hodeidah.

He also called on the humanitarian organisations to shoulder their moral and humanitarian responsibilities towards the suffering of the people of the Governorate of Hodeidah.

He called for allowing access of humanitarian aid quickly.

Source: Emirates News Agency