Yemeni Foreign Minister holds Houthis accountable for failure of Geneva negotiations

GENEVA, Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid Al-Yamani has accused Houthis of undermining UN efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

At a press conference held in Geneva today, Al Yamani doubled on the Houthi rebels’ intransigence and lack of responsibility toward the Geneva round of talks on the Yemeni crisis, affirming that the delegation of the internationally recognised government of Yemen was keen to attend the negotiations from the very beginning in a serious bid to ease the suffering of Yemenis.

He urged the UN and Security Council to shoulder their responsibility and ensure the implementation of relevant international resolutions to accomplish peace in Yemen in accordance with the Gulf Initiative, outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and UNSC Resolution 2216.

“The rebels have once again made it clear that they are not serious about achieving peace in Yemen,” he said, noting that the Iran-backed militias are triggering the worst crisis Yemenis have ever seen in their history.

The military operations supported by the Arab Coalition since 2015 are continuing in full swing until the coup perpetrators have been brought down to the negotiating table and kowtowed to relevant international resolutions, he reiterated.

Source: Emirates News Agency