Yemeni Army continues push into militias’ strongholds

MOCHA, Yemeni Army units and the popular resistance, with the support of the Arab Coalition air forces, continued to advance in the area of Abu Reziq, which stands between Al Kadha and Wahja areas and is five-kilometre from Al Mocha city, which is one of the key areas for the smuggling of weapons and goods to rebel militias.

The Yemeni News Agency reported today that the army has advanced in the central areas of the militias, continuing towards the coast city of Mocha to the west of Ta’ez, with militias and their supporters fleeing, along with many who have been wounded or killed.

The Yemeni Armed Forces Media Centre said that army artillery forces attacked the militia in areas close to the city of Mocha, while Arab Coalition aircraft targeted positions of the militias in the Governmental Complex in the districts of Mocha, Al Haly and Suez in the city centre.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces continue to comb the liberated areas and clear landmines laid by the militias, in a bid to slow the army as it advances towards the last rebel strongholds on the western coast.

Source: Emirates News Agency