Yemeni Ambassador praises victories of National Army and Resistance with support of UAE Armed Forces

ABU DHABI, Fahad Saeed Al Menhali, Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to the UAE, praised the field victories of the Yemeni National Army and the Yemeni National Resistance with the support of the UAE Armed Forces.

In a statement to Emirates News Agency, WAM, Ambassador Al Menhali commended the relief and humanitarian role of the UAE on the Yemeni stage, valuing the concern of the country’s wise leadership towards the Yemeni people, alleviating their burdens and supporting them with all the means in light of the difficult conditions in the country.

He said that the victories achieved by the National Army and the Resistance will not stop. He further recalled the great victory of the Second Military Region Forces on 24th April 2016, with brotherly support from the Arab Coalition Forces led by KSA. He pointed out that this heroic event reflected positively on the following victories and ensured the security and stability of Hadramaut. The restoration of normalcy in general life in the governorate, as well as the country’s production, service and developmental facilities, is also a result of that success, he added.

The ambassador said that that recent cleansing of Hadramaut from terrorist elements in the Al Masini operation was possible thanks to the heroism of the National Army and the Resistance with the active support of the UAE Armed Forces.

He further said that the achievements of the brave heroes of the UAE Armed Forces and the National Resistance reflect the keenness of the UAE and its Armed Forces to offer support to the aggrieved and the needy, standing up for the cause of right and fighting extremism and terrorism.

Source: Emirates News Agency