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fZ nG Wu Song: GAC MOTOR To Be a World-Class Top Chinese Brand - Arab News Network

Wu Song: GAC MOTOR To Be a World-Class Top Chinese Brand

– Internationalization of GAC MOTOR Accelerated by Debut of GS4 on NAIAS

DETROIT, Jan. 14, 2015 / PRNewswire — On Jan. 12, 2015 of local time in Detroit, USA (on Jan. 13 of Beijing), the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was kicked off at Cobo Center where GAC Group showed up with several of its exquisite models and the debuted SUV, GS4. As the only Chinese brand present, GAC MOTOR fully embodied its core competitiveness of “dominating the market with prominent quality and technology,” which aroused the concern of the auto circles and media circles both at home and abroad.

From%20left%20to%20right Wu Song: GAC MOTOR To Be a World Class Top Chinese Brand

From left to right: Huang Xiangdong, President of GAC Engineering, Yuan Zhongrong, Vice Chairman of GAC Group, Zhang Qingsong, Vice President of GAC Group, and Wu Song, General Manager of GAC Motor.

Photo – http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20150114/169099

From Technology Innovation to Brand Strength

To have a voice in NAIAS – one of the most mature auto markets, a real strength is required. Therefore, GAC MOTOR presented with three major products, the globally debuted GS4, the elite model GA6 for the new age, and the intelligent concept model WITSTAR. The three models had different positioning and targets, GS4 aiming at the currently popular SUV market, GA6 positioned as a medium-to-high end model, and WITSTAR marking cutting edge technologies such as unmanned driving and pure electricity power, which display the auto R&D capacity of China.

“Since there’s no auto brand of China well known to the outside world, GAC MOTOR will make efforts to win popularity among more international and national consumers, thus becoming a world-class top Chinese auto brand,” said Wu Song, who uttered out the development motivation and mission of growth of GAC MOTOR. “GAC MOTOR will pioneer erecting a self-owned brand.”

Ever since listed in 2010, GAC MOTOR has been fully devoted to research and development, and insisting on positive development to design and produce every model in strict line with the standards for joint-capital/imported brands, thus winning recognition among the consumers. For the past four years since being listed, GAC MOTOR has created seven models from two platforms in total, with all their safety rated five-star by C-NCAP and ranking top of Chinese brands in J.D.Power new car quality report for two successive years. With a reference rate of 30% by first-time purchasers, it became the first Chinese brand to present in the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers 4 in 2014.

From International Quality to International Brand

Starting at the same pace with the world, GAC MOTOR has fully grasped the core technologies for auto design and manufacturing through positive R&D. From the modeling design of appearance and interior decoration, the wholly new R&D of power system, the constant development of platform technology, to the application of advanced technology and environmental technology, GAC MOTOR is gradually capable of rivaling globally renowned brands on the same arena. Through over 20 years of joint venturing and cooperation, GAC MOTOR has learned the essence of auto-making in European, American and Japanese cars and even brought forth fresh ideas, to form a quality management system at an international level and create a unique “GAC way of manufacturing”.

What’s worth mentioning, generated on our group’s brand new Class-A platform, the compact SUV GS4 debuted on this show is estimated to be put on Chinese market in April. With respect to its refining and high-standard design, it passes on the brand awareness formed by GS5 and GS5 SUPER among domestic SUVs. The reasonable body proportion, robust line, concealed D-pillar and colored roof, surrounding flying driving capsule and the three-button console all show the stylish idea of The New Generation SUV”advocated by GAC Group. It’s said GS4 will be equipped with the brand new small-displacement engine(1.3T) and the 7-speed dual clutch transmission (7G-DCT).

Currently, GAC MOTOR has succeeded in landing on the Mid-East and South American markets, and will further expand to the markets in Europe and America. GAC MOTOR is gradually improving its overseas brand system and marketing network as scheduled. What’s worth mentioning, GAC MOTOR is the only Chinese brand able to rival with Japanese and South Korean brands.

From Global Product to Global Culture

According to the statistics, GAC MOTOR sold 17,000 cars in 2011, 33,000 in 2012, 85,000 in 2013, and 116,800 in 2014, growing 41% year on year.

“Our largest goal for 2015 is to bring our products to consumers in the world, thus laying a foundation for creating GAC MOTOR into a world-class top Chinese auto brand,” said Wu Song. Talking about the strategic planning, he says at least 20 models will be made available in the coming five years, with five models including GS4 and the Class-Cluxury GA8 to be released in 2015.

From internationalization of its products to its brand, GAC MOTOR has stepped on an international development road totally different from other Chinese enterprises in a developing mode featuring with high starting point, high quality and self-innovation. We encourage a diverse development road and look forward to refining the “low quality at low price” image of China-made products in the world. By quality and widely praised products, we plan to express such an idea that as a symbol of high quality, safety and environmental friendliness,”Made in China” will bring convenience and happiness to consumers all over the world!