Words can make a dialogue constructive, or destructive: Emirati academic

DUBAI, — Media is the key channel for delivering the messages of countries – both internally and externally, according to Emirati academic and writer Dr. Sultan Al Nuaimi.

However, it is a sensitive tool as language can be a double-edged sword, he pointed out to delegates at 16th Arab Media Forum which began today in Dubai.

Speaking in a session themed “Civil Dialogue: Constructive Vs Destructive Thought”, he said that selecting the right words and the expressions are key in setting the tone of the message.

“We are not only discussing dialogue, but the constructive dialogue,” Dr. Al Nuaimi added. “When there is a consensus, there is homogeneity, but when there is a difference, things may take another direction.”

The academic also said that timing and context are also a key component in setting the tone of the dialogue.

He said that ideological regimes always use speeches to achieve their objectives. They discuss ideology through media that uses specific expressions to promote and serve the regime’s agenda. “Ideology uses the language by selecting specific words to serve its agenda,” he said.

He also referred to the usage of words on social media, and how it can be misused, which may create a destructive dialogue that leads to spreading hatred.

Dr. Al Nuaimi also said that social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform through selecting the right words and expressions for a constructive dialogue.

This year’s Arab Media Forum themed ‘Civil Dialogue’ will focus on the role of media in promoting dialogue through highlighting the elements of peaceful co-existence and tolerance, while rejecting any display of racism, hatred and prejudice.

The Forum will also unveil the ‘Arab Image in the West’ report, a survey of the American opinion of Arabs, conducted in partnership between the Dubai Press Club, Arab News daily and YouGov. WAM/MMYS

Source: Emirates News Agency