Victory over Houthis in Hodeidah is imminent: Yemeni President

ADEN, President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi of Yemen has extended thanks and appreciation for the Saudi-led Arab Coalition for the significant efforts is making to restore legitimacy in Yemen.

In his speech to the Yemen News Agency, Hadi said, ” The sincere and honest brothers of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition and with the effective participation of the UAE, Sudan and all the other countries of the coalition have shared us everything and supported us in our plight.” He also referred to their sincere efforts to support the Yemeni people to restore its country.”

He noted, ”We confirm that we will spare no effort, together with the efforts of our brothers in the Arab coalition countries, to alleviate the suffering of our people, to deal with the humanitarian situation and to preserve the lives and property of the civilians as a top priority in accordance with the international humanitarian law as well as to ensure the flow of humanitarian aid to our people, who are aware of how much the militias exacerbated its suffering.

The Yemeni President said, “Aden is the first victory that we have achieved with the support of our brothers in the Arab Coalition to Support of Legitimacy. Today we are, and from this inspiring city, looking forward with determination and confidence to achieving a new victory by liberating Hodeidah and its strategic port.”

”Victory is near, and even closer than many can imagine, a painful page of bitter suffering witnessed by our people for more than three years of this brutal and backward coup will be closed,” Hadi noted.

The Yemeni President concluded by saying that,”As the victory in Aden was the starting point of defeating and crushing the coup, our imminent victory in Hodeidah will be the final step to get rid of it and will be the gateway to regain our kidnapped capital as well as take control of all the Yemeni territories.”

Source: Emirates News Agency