UNHCR praises UAE support for refugees

ABU DHABI, Toby Harward, Head of the Office of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Abu Dhabi, praised the essential support that was provided by the UAE for its activities and programmes, its effective participation in handling responsibilities towards the refugee crisis, and its direct and indirect support to aid refugees and provide them with the means of a dignified living.

He said this during a meeting today with Dr. Jamal Mohamed Al Hosani, Director-General of the National Emergency and Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, at the latter’s office in Abu Dhabi, where they discussed the means of joint co-operation, the exchange of expertise and co-ordinating efforts in terms of refugee matters.

Dr. Al Hosani welcomed Harward and praised the role of the UNHCR with updates on refugee matters, and for offering services and dealing with humanitarian cases to ease the suffering of refugees, and for helping refugee hosting countries by offering different forms of aid.

Harward praised the path taken by the UAE, in building the capabilities of its national organisations and manpower. This will enable the country to assist the victims of humanitarian crises and find permanent solutions for them. He also praised the UAE for co-ordinating international work that aims to protect refugees and solve their problems, all over the world.

The meeting was also attended by Saif Al Shamsi, Deputy Director-General of the Authority, as well as a number of department managers.

Source: Emirates News Agency