UAE to participate in Inter-Parliamentary Union meetings in Dhaka

DHAKA, — The Parliamentary Division will participate on behalf of the Federal National Council, FNC, with a delegation headed by Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Speaker of the FNC, in the meetings of the 136th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, IPU, and the 200th session of its governing board.

It will also participate in the Global Conference for Young Parliamentarians, the Forum of Women Parliamentarians, as well as the Finance and Executive committees, standing committees and subsidiary committees of the IPU, from 1st to 5th May in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

The Emirati Parliamentary group will include members of the IPU, including Ali Jassim Ahmed, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mehrezi, Saeed Saleh Al Rumaithi and Afra Rashid Al Basti, all FNC members.

The delegation participated in the 198th meeting of the union’s governing board, which discussed systems adjustments and its activities in 2016, as well as the activity reports of its specialised committees and organisations, and the suggestions for the election of its president during the 136th Assembly.

The group will participate in the meetings of the finance and executive committees of the IPU to discuss adopting the summary of records from the 274th session of the Executive Committee, review the activity report of its president, report of the secretary-general about its activities in 2016 regarding its governing board, as well as issues related to the condition of its members and regulators on requests to join the union, and the condition of several members and regulators.

The Global Conference for Young Parliamentarians will discuss one of the union’s organisations and suggestions from the Emirati Parliamentary Union to update the list of participating countries, as well to elect the officials of the Young Parliamentarians Forum, and to update and discuss the event’s activities in 2017.

The delegation will offer, through its participation in the Forum of Women Parliamentarians, a worksheet on how to improve organisational framework, change the negative cultural standards about the financial inclusion of women, and reinforce the role of parliamentarians in empowering girls to achieve sustainable development.

The forum will also discuss the political participation of women and the empowering of girls to achieve sustainable development, as well as reviewing the activities of women in the IPU and electing members of the Women Parliamentarians Office.

Source: Emirates News Agency