UAE to lead international committee for Child Online Protection

GENEVA — Colonel Expert Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al Dabal, General Coordinator of the Khalifa Student Empowerment Programme, was elected as the president of the Child Online Protection, COP, Committee, during the International Telecommunication Union, ITU, Conference at the headquarters of the United Nations, UN, in Geneva, in the presence of its member countries and institutions.

The UAE was selected in appreciation of its efforts to protect children and its international reputation.

The COP Committee is one of the main committees of the ITU, which aims to achieve several strategic goals to promote the issue of child online protection.

Al Dabal stressed that the selection of the UAE as the head of the Child Online Protection initiative is an achievement for the country, adding to a series of successes due to the efforts of the wise leadership, to seek excellence in all areas.

The ITU was formed in 1865 in Paris, and became a UN specialised agency in 1947, making the it one of the oldest intergovernmental organisations in the world. The ITU is considered the leading UN agency in the field of information and communication technology and an international focal point between governments and the private sector, to facilitate global communication. It has 193 member countries and over 700 tech companies, leading academic institutions, and affiliates as members.

Source: Emirates News Agency