UAE signs agreement to build protection wall for Aden International Airport

ADEN — The UAE signed an agreement to build a protection wall and external gates for the Aden International Airport today, as part of the second phase of the rebuilding of the airport and enhancing the services provided to passengers.

The agreement is in line with the continuous support provided by the UAE to Yemeni-liberated governorates in various sectors, within the framework of the efforts to reduce the suffering of the Yemeni citizens and enhance the services provided to them.

The agreement, which was signed in Aden, is related to building an external protection wall for the Aden International Airport, as well as installing external gates, and performing a comprehensive maintenance of the internal and external facilities of the airport.

Tarek Abdu Ali, Director of the Aden International Airport Director, hailed the UAE’s efforts since the liberation of the interim capital Aden and highlighted that the UAE has been supporting Aden International Airport since its liberation.

He added that the signing of the agreement was considered an inauguration of the second phase, following the completion of the first phase, which included maintenance of the observation tower, building the corridors and internal halls, as well as providing the airport with modern equipment and fire-fighting vehicles.

Mohamed Nasr Shazly, the governorate’s Under-Secretary, praised the UAE’s efforts in Aden in restore basic services and rebuilding the Aden airport.

The UAE is making huge efforts to restore the Aden International Airport so that it can operate normally.

Source: Emirates News Agency