UAE showcases its pioneering tax system to government delegation from Uzbekistan

DUBAI, The Federal Tax Authority,FTA, welcomed a high-profile government delegation from the Republic of Uzbekistan at its Dubai headquarters in a prominent stop on their official tour in the UAE � the largest of its kind by Uzbek officials, covering various UAE Government entities to promote strategic partnership between the two countries.

The visit was part of the efforts to promote collaboration among taskforces within strategic sectors including performance management, innovation, programming, the future of education, economics, competitiveness. In addition, the official visit sought to strengthen cooperation in the field of taxation, facilitate the exchange of experiences, highlight the UAE’s successful approach to taxation, and introduce the advanced practices and technologies that enhance payment processes, tax collection, and tax accounts management, in addition to promoting compliance with tax procedures.

FTA Director General Khalid Ali Al Bustani welcomed the delegation with several high-ranking officials from the authority, stressing the importance of expanding the scope of cooperation in the field of taxes, which is vital for enhancing economic and social development, and ensuring the financial stability of both governments.

“Today’s visit further enhances the UAE’s status as a role model in all matters of government administration,” he said.

“The UAE is one of the first countries in the world to implement a digital tax system free of any paper transactions. The Federal Tax Authority runs a state-of-the-art automated electronic system, and has launched a comprehensive website where all tax legislation can be viewed, along with a number of manuals and guidelines, to encourage auto-compliance and transparency in the tax system.”

“We are always looking to expand our circle of international partners and facilitate the exchange of experiences and visions around modern tax systems,” Al Bustani added. “This, in turn, helps develop tax systems, promotes sustainability and economic diversification, and upgrades the quality of services offered to all members of the community.”

The FTA showcased the UAE’s legal tax framework to the visiting delegation, which is aligned with the leadership’s vision to implement a tax system that promotes self-compliance. The FTA shed light on its progress in empowering innovation in tax procedures, automating and integrating tax systems that align with the UAE’s shift towards smart technologies in all services.

The FTA team went on to showcase the Authority’s efforts to spread tax awareness by organising a series of workshops in all seven emirates and covering all business sectors, as well as publishing several guides, e-learning programmes, awareness videos, and publications.

The Uzbek delegation applauded the Authority’s efforts to implement an advanced tax system that further promotes the UAE’s international standing, and ensures high rates of compliance in a short period of time. They went on to showcase the latest tax systems in force in Uzbekistan, and expressed hope that the future would see further collaboration on taxes with the UAE.

The Authority’s team went on to discuss the strategic partnerships the FTA has forged in an effort to establish a digital link with the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of the UAE, the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, the e-Dirham network, and all local customs departments, with the objective of ensuring a smooth and seamless roll-out of the tax system, and facilitating tax compliance using reliable electronic systems and qualified tax agents.

Furthermore, the team covered the Tax Refund for Tourists Scheme and the procedures put in place to connect all ports of exit in the UAE, as well as retail and wholesale outlets, stores, and shopping centres across the country, directly with the FTA databases, all in an effort to ensure a seamless experience for tourists and to help improve the sector as a whole.

Source: Emirates News Agency