UAE Press: Positive news from Sweden on Yemen

ABU DHABI, Right from the beginning, the Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s sole intent has been to spread justice and uphold the legitimacy in Yemen, said The Gulf Today in an editorial on Saturday.

“The sustained military pressure against the Houthi militants along the Red Sea Coast and surrounding areas in Hodeidah has paid off. The coup by the Houthi militias against the people of Yemen, and the manner in which they grabbed power with the help of external powers achieved nothing. Instead, it has left the nation on the edge of mass starvation.

“Cornered, the Houthis are realising that the negotiation table, and not brutal violence, is the way forward,” it added.

The English language daily went on to say that the political progress, including the status of Hodeidah, reached during the Sweden Consultations is indeed welcome news. “As Dr. Anwar bin Mohammed Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, points out, the road ahead remains bumpy but the significant breakthrough will make peace possible. The UN-led Yemeni owned process is necessary to sort out contending aspirations. Yet established references, including UNSCR 2216, are essential.”

The Coalition has kept its commitment to maintain the flow of humanitarian assistance and avoid damaging the port, the paper continued, adding that earlier gestures by the Houthis concerning the negotiations “proved to be deceptive as they used the time to regroup and inflict more suffering on the Yemeni population. The adamant refusal by the Houthi rebels to vacate necessitated the need for military pressure, in order to preserve the unity of the Yemeni territories.”

The daily said that the UAE’s keenness to reduce the suffering of the Yemenis is in compliance with the nation’s desire to establish growth, security and stability in Yemen. “The UAE has been continuously engaged in providing humanitarian relief assistance and support the Yemeni people so as to alleviate the dire humanitarian conditions caused by the serious violations of the Houthi militias. The political breakthrough achieved during the meetings in Sweden will have a positive impact on the humanitarian situation in Yemen. The 5,000 Emirati soldiers and Yemeni forces who valiantly stood ready to liberate Hodeidah Port and the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, deserve huge appreciation for their efforts.

“It’s important to continue the peace initiatives and ensure the stability and prosperity of the Yemeni people. This must be attained through a sustainable political solution as per UN Resolution 2216,” the paper continued.

The Sharjah-based daily concluded by quoting Dr. Gargash as saying, via Twitter, that in the long term, “We seek a Yemen at peace with itself and its neighbours. Where the State is effective not powerful parallel militias controlled externally. A Yemen looking towards the future with confidence.”

Source: Emirates News Agency