UAE press: A view to the future

ABU DHABI — Few would argue that entrepreneurship doesn’t fuel economic growth. The question is how to spur entrepreneurship? One proven method involves creating the landscape and infrastructure in which innovation can take place and thus inspire new entrepreneurs, a UAE daily has commented.

“This is especially important when it comes to the creation of a knowledge economy as recent developments in Dubai demonstrate,” said The National in an editorial on Tuesday.

Area 2071, a new project designed to be a hub of innovation, opened last week in Dubai. The space, in Emirates Towers, will attract tech entrepreneurs from around the world.

Given Dubai’s prominence as an international hub of activity that draws the best talent from around the world, Area 2071 should be able to live up to its billing as a place to innovate, create and help solve current and future challenges.

“Building the right infrastructure and supporting technology start-ups is the glue that will allow our knowledge economy to flourish,” concluded the Abu Dhabi-based daily.

Source: Emirates News Agency