UAE Parliamentary Group participates in IPU Peace and International Security Committee in Dhaka

DHAKA, — The UAE Parliamentary Group of the Federal National Council, FNC, has participated in the meeting of the Peace and International Security Committee, one of the standing committees of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, IPU, which was held on the sidelines of the meetings of the 136th Assembly of the IPU in Bangladesh.

During the meeting, where the UAE Parliamentary Group was represented by a member, Dr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Mehrezi, the draft resolution that followed on the role of the parliament to prevent external interference in the internal affairs of sovereign countries, was discussed, amended and adopted.

The discussion also highlighted the rights of people to determine their fate, as the suffering of most countries from wars and conflicts was caused by interference of other countries in their affairs.

It further highlighted the definition of the principle of non interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, and also discussed the establishment of an IPU subsidiary department to work on international Law.

Al Mehrezi stated that many of the negative issues that the world suffers from, especially the Middle East, are a result of the interference of some countries in the affairs of others, whether to spread their religious doctrines or to execute their political agendas, resulting in the formation of armed militias and the spread of terrorism, conflict and internal wars, which in turn resulted from the problems of increasing immigration and famine.

He stressed that the UAE Parliamentary Group supported the idea of the draft resolution, while demanding the necessity of finding a clear definition on the meaning of interference in the internal affairs of countries, and clarification on the nature of work of the new department that was mentioned in the draft.

The meeting also highlighted the responsibility of parliaments to strengthen democracy, develop human rights, support dialogue and discussions to settle internal conflicts by peaceful means, and find all necessary means to establish national unity and peaceful discussions between different parts of society.

The UAE Parliamentary Group saw the importance of stressing that the main role of parliaments is to represent all parts of the community, requiring it to practice its various roles to create peaceful discussions to establish national unity.

Source: Emirates News Agency