UAE paper hails the move to encourage the use of Arabic in the country

ABU DHABI– A UAE newspaper has said that the move to spread and encourage the use of the Arabic language in the UAE must be welcomed and supported.

“A nation’s wealth lies in its culture and heritage among other resources. But it is culture and heritage that define a society’s identity and help shape its future. And language is the medium that helps spread culture,” said Gulf News in an editorial today.

“In many societies, we have been seeing that the native language or the mother tongue is being lost to what is regarded as the universal language of communication: English.

“But in neglecting their own language, societies risk losing not just their history and culture, but the identity of their future. As more and more young people ignore their mother tongues, they are not aware of the vast literature or historical wealth. These manuscripts can be lost over time, a treasure trove of a nation’s past that could have moulded its future.

“In the UAE, while every effort is being made to protect and promote Arabic, where society is proud of its heritage and culture, there is the argument that many among the younger generation do not have the same understanding of the language as the older generation. Hence, the authorities are encouraging the use of the language in all spheres and transactions. There has also been concern that the standard of Arabic teaching is not up to the mark, which has put students off the subject.

“The Federal National Council has now adopted a motion to reiterate previous motions to issue legislation and rules necessary to protect the Arabic language. Every effort must be made to support all endeavours that spread the use of Arabic and protect the language for the future of society and generations to come,” concluded the Dubai-based daily.

Source: Emirates News Agency