‘UAE martyrs will always be remembered with pride and honour’: Sultan bin Zayed

ABU DHABI, H.H. Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President’s Representative, has said that on the occasion of Commemoration Day, the UAE honours its brave sons who have fulfilled their duty and have laid down their noble lives in order to develop the nation’s prosperity. They will always be remembered with pride and honour and will remain in the people’s hearts, he added.

In a statement to ‘Nation Shield’ magazine on the occasion of Commemoration Day, observed on 30th November, Sheikh Sultan said, “On Commemoration Day, we want to stress that the nation does not forget its citizens, who sacrificed their pure souls defending its glory and honour.”

“Today, on Commemoration Day, we will all come together, leaders and citizens, women and men, young and old, soldiers and civilians, to stand by each other so that the nation’s flag will remain flying high,” he added.

Sheikh Sultan continued, “The UAE is committed to fulfilling its national, moral and humanitarian responsibilities. It will always stand by the oppressed peoples defending their right to decent living, and will call for the establishment of justice and peace throughout the world.

“On this glorious occasion, I would like to thank our brave Armed Forces, as they are the nation’s shield and its invulnerable protection, who answer the call of duty for the glory of the UAE. I want to thank the men who were true to what they pledged to Allah and the nation. They ensure that the flag of this nation always flies high, so that it becomes an oasis of prosperity, flourishing and with security and safety for its children and all those who reside on its land, as well as safeguarding its position as a beacon of good and of giving, providing support to its brothers and friends.”

The President’s Representative concluded by praying to Allah Almighty that He may grant the martyrs’ souls rest in Paradise and grant solace and patience to their families.

Source: Emirates News Agency