UAE government launches behavioural interventions programme to improve healthcare, education sectors

DUBAI, The UAE government has launched a programme to conduct studies on behavioural interventions, aiming to improve health and education sectors as these are among top national priorities. The programme will enable the government to deal with future challenges in these sectors in line with the national agenda and the UAE Vision 2021.

The programme, which has ushered in a new phase of co-operation between the UAE and the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), a social purpose company jointly owned by the UK government and Nesta, an innovation foundation, is part of the UAE government’s efforts to improve performance of these two vital sectors, based on quality and innovation.

Huda Al Hashemi, Assistant Director for Strategy and Innovation, Prime Minister’s Office, at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and The Future, said health and education sectors have core developmental priority and the government is always seeking to provide best-in-class healthcare and education services to ensure highest level of happiness in society.

”Employing behavioural intervention methodologies is an innovative step towards elevating the outcome of these two sectors to make them more responsive to present and future requirements of community members,” she said, adding that the experiment will be introduced in other vital sectors as well.

The programme, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Ministry of Education, will conduct studies to explore areas required for development and improvement of health and education outcome.

Health studies under the programme will focus on how to manage diabetes through behavioural interventions and encourage patients to follow a healthy lifestyle. In the education space, the focus will be on how to encourage teachers in government schools.

The UAE government also organised a workshop for federal government employees to help them discuss methods of implementing behavioural interventions in government work. The event aimed to train participants so that they could apply behavioural interventions to develop accurate and well-studied policies.

The government is also planning to launch a guide for implementing behavioural interventions in government entities through random studies.

Source: Emirates News Agency