UAE FNC Speaker calls for Serious and peaceful settlements to Middle East crises

DHAKA, — Serious and peaceful settlements are required to end the current crises in the Middle East that are perpetuated by the “recycling” of crises left without realistic solutions that would lead to peace, security and stability, Dr. Amal Abdullah Al Qubaisi, Speaker of the UAE Federal National Council (FNC), told the 136th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

“The situation across the world has become more complex, where thousands of innocent civilians continue to suffer from increasing terrorist attacks,” she said, while stressing the need to adopt the recommendations set down in the Abu Dhabi Declaration, issued by the Global Summit of Women Speakers of Parliament in December 2016.

Since October last year, no substantial progress was made in efforts to settle crises and conflicts from which millions of Arabs are suffering. The refugee crisis has become a significant international dilemma, she said.

“One in every 113 people in the world is homeless, a refugee or asylum seeker, a fact that should prompt serious and realistic solutions to uproot this growing phenomenon.”

The UAE, Al Qubaisi noted, shoulders a large part of the responsibility towards refugees, as part of its international humanitarian role. To date, it provided more than US$750 million in humanitarian assistance and announced that it will host 15,000 Syrian refugees in the coming five years. The UAE has set up camps for refugees hosted by Jordan, Iraq, Greece and other countries.

The IPU Assembly is the principal statutory body that expresses the views of the Inter-Parliamentary Union on political issues. It brings together parliamentarians to study international problems and make recommendations for action. WAM/ MMYS

Source: Emirates News Agency