UAE delivers Prosopis trees to Hygiene and City Enhancement Fund in Aden

ADEN — The UAE is continuing its support for all the services sectors in Yemen, especially in the capital, Aden, the latest being the delivery of 600 Prosopis trees to the Hygiene and City Enhancement Fund today.

These trees will be planted between the Arish and Abyan coasts, according to the Fund’s officials.

The delivery was attended by Adnan Al Kaf, Under-Secretary for Development Affairs of Aden Governorate and Member of the Interim Council, and Qaed Rashid Anaam, Director of the Hygiene and City Enhancement Fund in Aden.

Al Kaf praised the UAE’s efforts in country’s liberated governorates, which aim to normalise living conditions while adding that its continuous efforts have led to the improvement of living conditions in these governorates.

Anaam said that the trees will greatly improve the greenery of large parts of Aden, and highlighted that they can resist dryness and other climate conditions.

Prosopis trees hold a special value in the UAE’s heritage, which was highlighted by the great interest of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in this type of tree. He prohibited the cutting down of Prosopis trees in all the emirates of the country and ordered the planting of new forests of these trees.

Source: Emirates News Agency