UAE Consul-General in New York highlights strong UAE-US ties

The UAE Consul-General in New York, Majid Al Suwaidi has visited Charlotte, North Carolina, to meet with local government officials and business leaders, and highlight the strong bilateral relationship between the UAE and US.

He visited the city to deliver his keynote remarks at the World Affairs Council of Charlotte’s Annual Meeting, where Al Suwaidi was received by a wide range of community and business leaders, including local political officials.

H.E. Al Suwaidi also met with Jennifer Roberts, the Mayor of Charlotte, and the two discussed the robust UAE-US relations, future areas of collaboration, and similarities between Charlotte and the UAE, which include a focus on economic diversification and growth. He also met with Charlotte Councilman John Autry, a leader in environmental issues in the city, and shared information on the UAE’s sustainability vision.

To gain a better understanding of Charlotte’s efforts in the energy space, Al Suwaidi met with David Doctor, the President and CEO of E4 Carolinas, an organisation focused on the vibrant and diverse energy sector across the Carolinas.

“From a shared vision of securing a more sustainable future to recognising the importance of diversifying our economies, the UAE and Charlotte have much in common,” said Al Suwaidi. “I look forward to expanding our areas of cooperation and working together to further strengthen the dynamic UAE-US relationship,” he added.

The UAE is the US’ largest trading partner in the Middle East region, with bilateral trade totaling US$25.4 billion in 2015. North Carolina is one of the top 20 largest merchandise export markets to the UAE. Export items include glass, refrigeration, and aircraft parts.

The Consul-General’s visit to North Carolina is one of several state visits he will take, and is part of the New York Consulate’s ongoing effort to raise awareness among Americans of the UAE’s role as a reliable partner in the region, and of the increasingly shared values between the UAE and the US.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation