Two killed, several injured as Houthis bomb civilian house in Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, One woman was killed and two of her kids seriously injured as the Iran-backed Houthi militias have bombed a house in Al Sab’a Al Olya village, south of Heis district, Hodeidah.

Minutes later, the same house was bombed again by the rebels, leaving a young man, who had hurried to rescue the grief-stricken family, dead and two others badly injured, according to a military source from the Yemeni Resistance.

“The victims were all civilians, including the dead and injured,” Dr Adham Al Shabhi, Deputy Director of Al Khokha Hospital, where the injured were hurried, confirmed.

This is the worst violation since the UN- sponsored Stockholm Agreement has provided a ceasefire, which has been frequently breached by the Houthis, who have since then been perpetrating all forms of terrorism against the civilians, including intimidation, murders and coercive deportation, to name a few of their continued violations of international laws and conventions.

Source: Emirates News Agency