Syria Opposition Groups Propose Suspending Negotiations

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, January 19, 2016/PRNewswire — Following today’s meeting of the Syrian Supreme Commission for Negotiations, an umbrella group which includes a wide array of Syrian opposition parties and figures, an announcement is expected tomorrow on a proposed agenda and delegation for the upcoming UN sponsored peace talks, to take place on the 25th of the month.

Dr. Riad Hijab, Syria’s former Prime Minister : Syria’s Supreme Commission for Negotiations Convenes.


During the meeting, several opposition groups and organisations from within the Supreme Commission requested the General Coordinator of the Commission to consider suspending preparations relating to the negotiations until the signatory states which committed to UNSCR2254 fully adhere to its provisions; in particular, articles (12) and (13) with respect to lifting the siege imposed on cities and regions to enable humanitarian agencies to deliver aid to all those in need, the release of all detainees, the ceasing of aerial shelling and artillery attacks against civilians and civilian targets, and that all parties comply immediately with their obligations under international law, including international humanitarian law and international human rights law, ceasing forced displacement, and a moratorium on capital punishment.

In a statement published on his social media accounts, Riad Hijab, General Coordinator of the Commission states: “Dates are not sacred, we will not go to any negotiations while our people suffer from shelling, starvation and siege… debased political bartering at the expense of the Syrian people is tantamount to callous extortion which we will not accept under any circumstance.”


Source: Office of Dr Riad Hijab, Former Prime Minister of Syria