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6w u9 Sudanese Youth Muster Their Energies for Community Development (allAfrica.com) - Arab News Network

Sudanese Youth Muster Their Energies for Community Development (allAfrica.com)

The voluntary action has become a mainstay for the society building and social solidarity among the individuals of any society. It is a humanitarian exercise intimately linked with all connotations of benevolence and good deeds among all human groups ever since eternity. But it differs in magnitude, form, tendencies and motives from one society to another.

The society has of late seen a number of youth initiatives which have provided a life-buoy to many youths, especially the serious ones who are seeking honest jobs to rid them from the unemployment and from long years of waiting to find government jobs. Those initiatives are aimed at mustering contributions and energies of the youths for development of the local community based on free-of-charge community service in which the youth might freely offer his effort and time and even his petty cash.

Tracing the historic background of the political and social activity in the Sudan, one can find out that the concept of the civil society organizations is not a novelty. The civil society organizations referred to as ahlia (native) have been in existence since ancient times in Sudan, like the ahlia schools which were built by the people, rather than by the government. Those non-governmental organizations were the predecessors of the current civil society organizations which are now spread in all walks of life.

Youth Emergency Street Initiative:

One of the numerous successful initiatives presently prevalent in Sudan is the emergency initiative which has recently been launched by small groups of youths not more than 10 individuals. But when it was posted on the facebook website on August 28, 2012 for contribution to medical treatment of children at Jaafer Ibn Oaf Hospital, large numbers of volunteer youths rushed to join the Initiative. The voluntary effort expanded to a number of hospitals in the capital Khartoum and other states and offices were formed to organize operations of the Initiative. The volunteers organized themselves in three shifts in collaboration with the doctors of those hospitals.

Financially, the Youth Emergency Street Initiative relied on donations by individuals of the Sudanese people. A number of women donated gold and jewels for the project while children put in small but invaluable amounts of money demonstrating the solidarity of all the Sudanese people- women, men, youths and children. The donated funds are allotted for treatment of the children as the Initiative receives in Khartoum Hospital 15 to 20 children daily, costing 3,000 to 5,000 SDG, while in Omdurman Hospital and Ahmed Gassim Hospital, Khartoum North, they receive 30 to 35 each day.

Intensive-care Room Established:

The Youth Emergency Street Initiative for Children (YESI) established a badly needed intensive-care room to serve child patients in Jaafer Ibn Oaf Hospital in Khartoum.

The youths of the Initiative managed to raise enough funds for the establishment of the facility from Sudanese philanthropists, in the Sudan and abroad, and most of them gave the donations anonymously. The donations, moreover, included beds and accessories and an early-warning system.

The Tea Seller:

The YESI chose a tea seller to cut the ribbon of opening the intensive-care room. The tea seller- Um Gismah- sells tea during daytime on the Hospital Street and nurses her daughter, who is suffering from kidney failure, during the night. The YESI group of youths offered Um Gismah some to take care of her daughter whom she has been nursing for 12 months after she was transferred from South Kordofan to Khartoum Hospital.

She developed friendship with the youths who used to sit around and sip tea with her and she ultimately joined in as an active member of YESI. In recognition of her devotion to nursing her daughter and patience, the group chose Um Gismah to cut the inauguration ribbon.

YESI Wins Regional Award:

The Youth Emergency Initiative went beyond the border, won the third place in a contest of Arab youths initiatives organized in the Kingdom of Bahrain under the sponsorship of HH Sheikh Nassir bin Hamad al-Khalifa, the Chairman of the High Youth and Sports Council and Chairman of the Bahraini Olympic Committee. The contest was held as part of programmes for the Bahrain as a Capital of the Arab Youth.

The Mercy Shadows Organization (MSO):

This organization was also established by a group of youths in 2004 and the projects it has implemented over the past 11 years included recycling of textbooks and rehabilitation of schools.

The MSO is characterized by continuity and sustainability and its diverse projects ranging from assisting the poor, building houses provided with drainage systems and other philanthropic programmes such as distribution of gifts for children on Eid occasion and food for fasting worshipers.

The MSO carried out several voluntary campaigns such as one in which blood donations were collected for the needy patients, another called the Goodness Fees, a third one named the Fasting Breakfast, the Eid Joy and yet another campaign in which clothes and covers were raised.

It also implements larger projects, using contributions by philanthropists and volunteers.

MSO Wins TV Channel Prize:

The MSO won the first place, leading best 10 voluntary societies picked up from about 1,000 organizations and societies in 2015, as stated by MSO Executive Director Mohamed al-Fatih.

The Organization won the shield prize in a context held by mbc1 TV Channel’s Khawatir (ideas) Programme which is presented by Ahmed al-Shigairi.

Jana Emergencies Voluntary Group (JEVG):

This group of volunteers operates through WhatsApp and other social media, with no headquarters, offering assistance to people on emergency occasions such as heavy rains, floods, natural disasters and cold winters.

JEVG also provides book cases for school children, makes coolers from local materials for schools and organizes environment sanitation campaigns.

JEVG, which funds its campaigns from donations by benefactors, also carries out a programme named “reunion” targeting inmates, particularly women who serve prison terms, accompanied or unaccompanied by their children. Those women are on many instances held in prison, accompanied by their children, for failing to pay a fine that may be less than the equivalent of 10 dollars.

JEVG head Sami Shinawi, a journalist, told SUDANOW that they have freed a number of inmates in “Reunion Campaign I” and have raised more than 17,000 US dollar for the release of 150 inmates in “Reunion Campaign II” during the upcoming Adha Feast.