Showcase of wildlife photography to be major attraction at Xposure

This year at Xposure International Photography Festival visitors can expect to witness the majesty and wonder of the natural world as 74 of the world’s best photographers and visual artists gather to display their works, hold engaging talks and discussions, offer a plethora of empowering workshops, portfolio reviews and focus groups, while keeping visitors engaged and enthralled over the seven-day festival taking place at Expo Centre Sharjah between 9-15 February.

Wildlife and nature photography is a widely popular genre of photography that captures the beauty and diversity of the planet in striking and unforgettable images. Xposure will host 12 world renowned specialists in this genre who have risen to the top of their profession, namely, Albert Dros, Andrew Semark, Carlton Ward Jr, Dany Eid, Laurent Baheux, Levon Biss, Norbert Rosing, Pedro Jarque Krebs, Ronan Donovan, Sergio Pitamitz, Simon Roberts and Talib Almarri.

With breathtaking exhibitions and captivating talks, not only will visitors be entertained, but also gain valuable insights and inspiration, appealing to the eco-conscious, environmentalists, designers, art collectors, and professionals from the film industry.

Exhibitions: The incredible beauty of the natural world

Wildlife and nature photographers need to have a strong sense of composition and an eye for detail. They must be able to use light, colour, and texture to create visually striking and emotionally powerful images. Photographers must also have a deep respect for the natural world and a commitment to preserving it for future generations.

A great deal of the exhibitions will have a specific focus on wildlife and the creatures that inhabit our planet such as ‘BLACK on WHITE Felines’ by Laurent Baheux, an exhibition honouring African felines and their habitat, while also raising awareness of their endangered status. “Extinct & Endangered: Insects in Peril” by Levon Biss features photographs of extinct or endangered insect species and their importance. ‘Giraffe in Fine Art’ by Talib Almarri is a collection of photographs showcasing the beauty of giraffes in the African wilderness.

‘Arctic Wolves in a Warming World’ by Ronan Donovan is a photographic series of Arctic wolves in their habitat, highlighting the impact of climate change. ‘Living in the Wild’ by Sergio Pitamitz is a long-term project following a conservation effort to protect African wild dogs in Botswana. ‘Path of the Panther’ by Carlton Ward follows the story of the Florida panther, highlighting its journey from near extinction to recovery and ongoing challenges.

The following exhibitions reflect the raw beauty of the world we live in and offer visitors a chance to be whisked away to places they have never been before, such as, ‘Bombora’ by Andrew Semark, a collection of photographs documenting the ocean’s wild and tempestuous movements, specifically the large waves known as Bombora. ‘My Wild West’ by Norbert Rosing is a collection of photographs showcasing the beauty of the American South West, specifically Yellowstone National Park.

‘The Contrast: Namibia’ is a display of the natural beauty of Namibia through Dany Eid’s lens, specifically the vast dunes and their unique colour contrasts. ‘The Mystery of Life’ is a photographic exhibition from Pedro Jarque Krebs exploring the theme of life and its connection to the natural world, accompanied by Pedro’s philosophical reflections. Albert Dros’ ‘The Untouched Beauty of Kyrgyzstan’ will showcase the diverse landscapes of the Central Asian country and speaks of Albert’s love for its people and culture. Dros has been recognised for promoting the beauty and tourism of Kyrgyzstan through his work.

Seminars: Exploration of the natural world

Visitors to Xposure will have the opportunity to join a group of experienced photographers for a series of seminars that will take them on a journey through the natural world through different perspectives and techniques.

During these insightful talks Laurent Baheux will unveil his artistic exploration of the natural world, through the medium of black and white photography in his seminar ‘Creative Vision Of Nature In Black & White Photography.’ The presentation will chronicle his twenty-year journey of capturing the beauty and majesty of Africa’s wild animals in stunning monochrome imagery. Similarly, Norbert Rosing, a German photographer, will provide an intimate look into his transition from a hospital worker to a nature photographer, in ‘Dream On – My Life As A Nature Photographer.’ He will present a series of evocative images that reflect his “back to the roots” philosophy and discuss his use of analog photography techniques.

Visitors can also look forward to Carlton Ward Jr., who will delve into the challenges faced by the Florida panther and the efforts to protect and connect the panther’s range through the Florida Wildlife Corridor in ‘Path Of The Panther,’ while Albert Dros will share his experiences in Kyrgyzstan and his role as an ambassador for Kyrgyzstan through his photography in his seminar, ‘My Special Connection With Kyrgyzstan’. Finally, British photographer Levon Biss will be discussing his explorations into macro photography and the process behind his recent collaboration with the American Museum of Natural History during his talk titled, ‘Exploring The Natural World Through Macro.’

Wildlife and nature photography has always been a huge attraction at Xposure International Photography Festival and this year is poised to be even more exciting and a chance to hear about experiences from the very best the world has to offer. Besides, visitors have an opportunity to take home a piece of Xposure through the on-site printing and framing service. To find out more about this highly anticipated seven-day event visit

Source: Sharjah24