Sharjah Police participate with integrated platform in UAE Innovation Month

SHARJAH, Sharjah Police are participating in the Sharjah’s UAE Innovation Month at the Sharjah Book Authority, with a distinguished platform through which it will display the latest innovations and creative ideas implemented within the outputs of the innovative incubators of the force.

The incubators are consistent with Sharjah Police’s renewed endeavours to improve and develop performance and quality of services provided to members of society, and to keep pace with the march of innovation and development pursued by the UAE in order to enhance its global leadership in this field.

Sharjah Police are keen on periodic participation in this event in order to highlight the efforts of its affiliates and present their innovations and ideas for the benefit of visitors and participants from both government and private sectors in the emirate.

Sharjah Police showcased a number of modern innovations, including sound radar, which was designed to ensure calm and tranquillity in Sharjah’s neighbourhoods, by controlling vehicles that cause loud noise in residential areas, and on main roads.

Source: Emirates News Agency