Sharjah Police celebrates Happiness Day

Sharjah24: Sharjah Police celebrated the International Day of Happiness on March 20 through the “Happiness and Positivity” initiative, promoting happiness in the work environment.

Brigadier General Arif Al Sharif attended the ceremony, Director General of Resources and Support Services, in the presence of Brigadier General Ahmed Al Serkal, Director General of Police Operations, Brigadier General Dr. Ahmed Al Naour, Director General of Central Operations, and several department directors, officers.

Al Sharif stressed the Sharjah Police’s keenness to consolidate the concept of happiness within its activities for its employees in an attractive and more productive work environment.

Sharjah Police employees, whose birthday coincides with the Day of Happiness, were honoured, and several distinctive employees from various police departments.

Source: Sharjah eGovernment (Sharjah24)