Sharjah-Indonesia Business Forum creates great opportunities

Some of the speakers at the “Sharjah-Indonesia Business Forum” were interviewed by “Sharjah 24” along with the Consul General of Indonesia, His Excellency K. Candra Negara, who highlighted the forum and the potential for economic collaboration between Sharjah and Indonesia in the future.

His Excellency Negara stated, “It is such an honour for me to be here at the Chamber of Commerce to participate in the “Indonesia-Sharjah Business Forum” for promoting EXPO 2022 in Indonesia. We expect that this sort of forum would be extremely useful for Sharjah and the region’s businessmen and people to explore opportunities and expand the trade and economic links between the two nations. added “I think Sharjah and Indonesia have always had a close relationship, and we hope to deepen that connection economically for the good of both nations.”


Source: Sharjah24