Sharjah Education Council introduces new teaching methods to improve education

SHARJAH, During the current health crisis, the Sharjah Education Council, SEC, has adopted new methods of education, including providing the best educational services and initiatives, based upon the highest standards for students studying remotely, highlighting the Council’s efforts in launching a series of educational and awareness programmes and lectures.

Dr. Saeed Musabah Al Kaabi, Chairman of the SEC, stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the changing of traditional ways of teaching, highlighting the importance of using different means and technologies, stressing the need to face all digital transformation challenges, and seeking quick solutions in order to accelerate the work of all educational institutions.

He also underscored the importance of organisational readiness in facing the upcoming challenges, confirming the need to provide all necessary capabilities to prepare for 100 per cent remote work at all job levels, when needed, as well as contributing in achieving the Council’s strategy and objectives with highly efficient work.

Dr. Al Kaabi highlighted the importance of developing a range of future scenarios, stressing the need to work on solutions to solve problems that might occur in the future, as well as continuing to allow some employees to continue working remotely.

He also expected the creation of job titles for some posts to carry out work remotely.

He further discussed the importance of Flipped Learning, explaining that a flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning focused on student engagement and active learning, while giving instructors a better opportunity to deal with mixed levels, student difficulties, and differentiated learning preferences during in-class time.

For her part, Maryam Jaber Al Shamsi, Director of the Nursery Department at SEC, stressed that the Council, during the period of remote work, achieved the comprehensive development of its employees in the Early Childhood Department, including 120 to 180 training hours, 40 educational workshops in Arabic and English, in addition to producing a number of educational videos.

She also confirmed the importance of parental involvement and engagement in education, highlighting the importance of the educational workshop launched by the Abu Dhabi Early Childhood Authority focussing on how to deal with children during the current health crisis.

Speaking about the procedures currently followed in nurseries, Al Shamsi pointed out that the Council, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Sharjah Municipality, and the Bee’ah Company, have sanitised all 29 nurseries, noting that children were welcomed based upon certain health requirements.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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