Sharjah Economic Development Department signs MoU with Sharjah City Municipality

SHARJAH, Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) signed an MoU with Sharjah City Municipality (SCM), at SEDD headquarter. The signing was attended by Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, and Obaid Said Obaid Al Tunaiji, Director General of SCM, with the presence of several officials from both sides.

The agreement included exchanging experiences in matters of common interest and working to organize the procedures to complete transactions through a single window system and exchange information related to activities of a common nature. In addition, it included holding seminars and workshops and exchanging advice and support in common areas.

Sultan Al Suwaidi praised the existing communication between the two sides and the prominent role they play in serving the emirate. Also, he stressed that this agreement enhances the system of integration between the two parties within the framework of a permanent and evolving partnership that benefits mutually and contributes to business development and simplification for investors and dealers by regulating the business related to the two parties under the use of the single window system to complete transactions.

He Chairman said that this agreement comes within SEDD’s interest to enhance institutional competitiveness and achieve comprehensive sustainable development, in accordance with the local government strategy and to achieve common goals that are in the public interest as well as to strengthen cooperation. He added that such thing would contribute to enhancing and upgrading the performance of the national economy, strengthening the competitiveness of the various economic sectors and creating an environment conducive to investment, in addition to exchanging experiences and knowledge within the framework of their respective competencies. He illustrated that this would facilitate running business in Sharjah and would contribute to raising the level of the emirate’s business attractiveness.

From his side, Obaid Al Tunaiji pointed out that this agreement enhances the achievement of mutual services with SEDD and contributes to the completion of the largest number of transactions, especially to facilitate investors and organize work within one system to provide an ideal environment for investment and entrepreneurship in Sharjah.

Likely, he said that the MoU would enhance cooperation and coordination between the two parties to provide high quality services, by unifying efforts between the various government departments in the emirate in order to achieve its vision in the field of digital transformation. In addition, this MUO would contribute to shortening the time and effort of dealers in various fields, especially in light of the great facilities provided by the emirate to all categories of investors, businesspersons and dealers with various entities, authorities and institutions.

Source: Emirates News Agency