Sharjah Criminal Laboratory meets “Crime Scene Course” delegation

Brigadier General Ahmed Haji Al Serkal, Director General of the General Department of Police Operations at Sharjah Police, met with a delegation of the “Foundational Crime Scene Examiner” course at the General Department for Competency Development at the Ministry of Interior, with the aim of reviewing the best practices used in the crime scene field, and the security role played by the criminal laboratory.

The visiting delegation toured the forensic laboratory department and its branches, during which they were acquainted with the tasks and competencies of those branches, the most prominent achievements of the department, the latest devices used in examining forensic evidence, and their privileges.


At the conclusion of the visit, Brigadier General Al-Sarkal valued the visit of the “Crime Scene Examiner” course to the Criminal Laboratory Department, because of its positive role in enhancing cooperation, exchanging knowledge and employing modern technologies in developing work mechanisms in the criminal technical field between the two parties.


Source: Sharjah24