SEDD launches sixth session of Excellence Awards

SHARJAH — The Sharjah Economic Development Department, SEDD, has announced the launch of the sixth session of its Excellence Awards.

These awards reflect the Department’s efforts to enhance its performance, instil a spirit of competition among employees, and create qualitative changes in the working mechanisms. The aim is to achieve SEDD’s vision that is leading the process of comprehensive development of a competitive and diversified knowledge-based economy.

Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, Chairman of SEDD, said that the Department is responsible for building a strong relationship with its employees by nurturing and developing their capabilities and providing them with a suitable work atmosphere. All of this is done in order to come up with qualified cadres who are capable of executing its plans that support the process of innovation in line with the orientations of the government.

He pointed out that the journey of success is accomplished through its employees who are working to develop the services provided by the Department. In addition, SEDD is keen on strengthening performance through constructive and fruitful cooperation to attain common goals. He further added that employees are the main elements for the success of any business.

He stressed that the excellence awards are a great incentive for employees and teams to create and innovate, as they contribute to the development of a general framework and specific criteria for functional excellence. This help in encouraging the staff to think outside the box and increase their knowledge. He added that that awards also help improve performance in accordance with the best practices, encourage the creation of new and quality work methods, and highlight outstanding leadership capabilities.

Ali Al Naqbi, Head of the Excellence Awards Committee at SEDD, said that the awards have developed significantly and expanded to contain multiple categories. The awards now include individual, specialised and group categories at the team and committee levels.

Also, as part of its efforts to support #Year of Giving 2017 initiative, launched by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and based on the noble values of the UAE society, the Department has added two new categories, “The Year of Giving Individual Award” and “The Year of Giving Collective Award.”

Source: Emirates News Agency