RTA launches training programme to groom Emirati graduates for job market

DUBAI — The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has announced the launch of ‘Empowerment with RTA,’ a six-month training programme that targets Emirati graduates who have been job hunting for a year since graduation and grooms them for the job market with an aim to support the ‘Year of Giving’ initiative.

“The programme reflects RTA’s keenness to support the UAE President’s ‘Year of Giving’ initiative. It is our intention to pay back to our nation by training qualified Emirati male and female graduates who have completed one year since graduation without a job,” said Yousef Al Rida, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector.

“Since the launch of ‘Empowerment with RTA’ last April, 20 graduates have joined the course. Inductees receive a nominal monthly salary as an encouragement. The goal is to groom graduates for the job market by furnishing them with the required knowledge and skills through a training course undertaken by a group of RTA’s dedicated specialists who volunteered to help realise this mission,” he explained.

“It will offer training to familiarise graduates with the work environment, with a focus on innovation and strategic thinking. Trainees will learn about research, interview skills, job application, work ethics, and time management. They will also be acquainted with emotional intelligence, the best way to communicate in a work environment, distance learning tools, English language, and specialist jobs in various RTA sectors and agencies,” he added.

“The graduates will also be offered an audience with RTA’s leaders on completion of the course. The leadership will offer trainees tips and guidance to help them meet job requirements and optimise their experience. This reflects our keenness to fulfil social responsibilities towards Emirati graduates through a two-way assistance.

“It can offer qualitative qualifications to familiarise them with the requirements of the job market. It can even offer employment opportunities by recruitment of fresh Emirati graduates who complete the ‘Edad’ Programme, which aims to boost RTA’s development drive. These two programmes reflect our strategy of playing an effective role in leveraging jobs under the Emiratisation policy and grooming qualified cadre for the job market,” Al Rida said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency