RTA launches ‘Six Sigma’ to enhance corporate performance

DUBAI — The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has announced the launch of Learn Six Sigma (6) to continually improve corporate performance, as part of its efforts to enhance the strategic goal, ‘RTA Excellence.’ Speaking about the project, Fahad Al Suwaidi, Director of Development and Corporate Performance in the Strategy & Corporate Governance Sector of RTA, said, “The Six Sigma project methodology strives to enhance corporate performance and operational efficiency by capitalising on the knowledge and experience of the respective teams to implement sequential and specific steps towards realising the set objectives. This includes minimising costs, maximising profits, reducing risk, boosting the flexibility of corporate operations and upgrading service systems.

“Six Sigma is a data-driven approach capable of detecting and addressing defects in procedures and products to bring errors to almost zero. The project started by subjecting a bunch of employees at different RTA agencies and sectors to training delivered by specialised experts. This enabled the trainees to understand and practice project management and performance improvement techniques using the Six Sigma standards and tools, before obtaining the Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

“Trainees will be able to avail the opportunity to embark on the direct implementation of the methodology that they have acquired on one of the vital projects related to their specialist fields. The process will be under the follow-up of a string of specialists in Six Sigma Black Belt an advanced category capable of redressing deviation from the path of the Six Sigma programme to achieve the best quality management results,” he noted.

According to Al Suwaidi, the launch of the project represents a quantum leap in discharging the tasks of the Development and Corporate Performance Department.

“The system is of vital importance considering the 173 services on offer by the RTA that impact the daily life of the public, not to mention the infrastructure projects carried out by the RTA to bring happiness to people. Such conditions initiated the need to adopt state-of-the-art systems to improve performance in such fields,” he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency