Remarkable cultural presence of the UAE at Ibn Battuta Forum in Italy

PALERMO, Italy — The UAE has participated in the ‘Ibn Battuta Cultural Forum’ held in Palermo city on Sicily Island under the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, MiBACT, in Italy.

Emirati poet Khalid Al Dhankhany, who is the Chairman of the Fujairah Social Cultural Society, was the guest of honour at the forum. It was organised by the Al Sabah Cultural Society at the Luciasimo Heritage Theatre in the presence of Paolo Macini, Deputy Minister at MiBACT, and artist Sabah Binziyadi, President of the Organising Committee.

Al Dhankhany launched the proceedings at the forum by reading a poem translated into Italian based on Arab traveller Al Arabi Mohammed bin Abdullah Alawati Al Tanjy better known as Ibn Battuta. He compared Arab migration to Europe with the travels of Battuta, which is also the theme of the theatre performance directed by Binziyadi on the works of Michelangelo. It is aimed to promote values of freedom, love, and peace in the world.

Al Dhankhany stressed that the Forum’s mission of spreading peace is in line with the UAE’s message to the world. It not only brings together various art forms but also unites people from different cultures.

The remarkable cultural presence of the UAE at the event is a testament to its reputation on the global level under the directives of the country’s wise leadership.

The Al Sabah Italian Cultural Society presented Al Dhankhany with a peace shield at the end of the forum in appreciation of his efforts that helped make the event a success.

Source: Emirates News Agency