Rain, windy weather likely from Tuesday to Sunday

ABU DHABI, The UAE will be affected by an extension of surface low pressure, accompanied with an upper air low pressure leading to unstable weather conditions, associated with rainfall, thunder, lightning and strong winds, according to the National Centre of Meteorology, NCM.

In a report issued today, the NCM said that from Tuesday night to Friday, the country will be affected by rainfall over scattered areas starting from the west and the coasts, extending toward the internal and Northern areas. And it is expected that rainfall will be with different intensities and at different periods accompanied by occasional thunder and lightning.

From Friday night to Sunday: As a result of the deepening of the upper-level low pressure that will be accompanied by a cold air mass, it is expected that the conditions will intensify, and there will be rain with different intensities over most areas, where its intensity increases from time to time, accompanied by hail as well as thunder, lightning and flash flooding.

The wind will be moderate to fresh and strong at times especially with convective clouds, leading to a rough sea and dust with poor horizontal visibility.

Source: Emirates News Agency