Rael proposes peace agreement in which Palestinians would grant amnesty to Israelis

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 6, 2015 / PRNewswire — “The deadly conflict in Palestine is the result of the occupation and theft of land and buildings by Israelis,” said Rael, spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM), in a statement released today by the IRM. “I’m asking the Palestinian authorities to offer amnesty to Israelis for all their crimes in exchange for the Palestinians’ right to return to territories and buildings that have been illegally occupied and stolen.”

According to Rael, this would give Palestinians the right to return and live in Israel under an Israeli government that will have canceled all discrimination through new laws granting equal rights to Palestinians and Jews.

“This should include the immediate release of Israeli passports to Palestinians, plus financial compensation of $5,000 per person for all the years Palestinians have lived in exile or under military occupation without any rights,” Rael said. “It also means that Palestinians accept the right to return for all Jewish people, and therefore their equal right to reside in Israel.”

In return, Rael explained, the Palestinian authorities, Hamas, Fatah and others would agree to stop all violence against the Israeli government and accept its authority, along with Israeli nationality and the Israeli passport.

“Israel should commit to immediately destroying all walls, fences and checkpoints in territory where the two communities would live together under equal rights,” Rael continued. “And it should also commit to free all Palestinian prisoners who haven’t committed murder. Finally, Israel should commit to organizing free elections after one year, without ‘apartheid’ and with ‘one vote per person,’ to elect a democratically chosen government; and also commit to holding a referendum that would decide the name of the new, united state created through the union of Palestinian and Israeli territory. The name of such a state should be either Palestine or Israel.”

For Rael, this new state, built without discrimination, would be “a worldwide symbol of peace and fraternity with its capital in Jerusalem, a city which, in essence, must be a spiritual capital and a symbol of peace.”

In a previous statement released in 2009, Rael explained how the union of the two territories is the only solution that can solve the conflict. He also predicted the current wave of anti-Semitism.

“The international community, the United Nations and all superpowers should force Israel to accept this solution,” he said then. “They should also send troops to protect the defenseless Palestinian people in the Gaza concentration camp, who are in danger of being exterminated in a genocide that will forever make the Israelis look as bad as the Nazis. This genocide will trigger a worldwide wave of what is called ‘anti-Semitism,’ but which will, in fact, be hatred directed against Jewish people.”

In the same 2009 statement, Rael also said, “The Israeli Law of Return, if applied equally to Palestinians and Jews worldwide, would permit the creation of a very rich country, in which all Semitic brothers and sisters could live together peacefully, without drama, bombs, genocide or orphans.”

According to a Raelian spokesperson, Rael founded the Raelian Movement in 1974 after encountering representatives of the Elohim, an advanced extraterrestrial civilization that first created all life on Earth and then seeded all religions by sending prophets to remind people of their existence. Further, these advanced Elohim scientists, taken for gods by our ancestors, are ready to return, and have asked Rael to build the Third Temple, their embassy, in Jerusalem.