Qatar exploits principles of human rights to address its crisis with Arab countries: Arab Federation for Human Rights

GENEVA — The Arab Federation for Human Rights, AFHR, has condemned the incessant continuation of the Qatari Government to label the boycott imposed by the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Arab Republic of Egypt as a “blockade,” the Saudi Press Agency reported.

In a report issued by the AFHR, it disclosed that, in accordance with the provisions of international law, an embargo is defined as a coercive measure taken against a state by a resolution of the Security Council, pursuant to the provisions of Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations. It is imposed with a military force.

It added a boycott is fundamentally different. “A boycott is a sovereign right of all countries to establish or sever diplomatic ties with any country, in case the latter seeks to stir unrest and insecurity amongst the international community. Accordingly, Qatar’s description of its boycott as a “blockade” is not justifiable.”

The report refuted the allegations of the Qatar National Human Rights Committee, which described the boycott as a blockade. “Such a description lacks objectivity and aims merely for gaining international sympathy.”

It noted that the European Union has rejected Qatar’s description of the current measures taken by the four countries as a blockade, and it called on Doha to commit itself to combatting terrorism. Meanwhile, the Russian government has also adopted the same position.

The report quoted Adam J. Szubin, Acting Secretary of the Treasury, who previously served as Acting Under-Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, as saying, “Qatar has shown a lack of political will to implement anti-terrorist financing laws effectively.” This stance was supported by Daniel L. Glaser, Former Assistant Secretary for the Department of the Treasury of the United States, who said, “The designated terrorist financiers are openly and publicly operating in the State of Qatar.”

Source: Emirates News Agency