President issues National Law of Reading, first and last add

ABU DHABI, — . efforts.

The law seeks to instil reading as a daily activity in public utilities in the country such as coffee shops and malls and asks them to provide reading material to visitors.

It also instils the importance of books among students to preserve and not destroy, re-use or donate them. The law also develops the educational system so it is not separate from educational reading by obliging schools and universities to develop their libraries and encourage reading among students through annual plans.

The federal law decree issued by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan includes 18 articles.

According to the law, the Ministry of Economy and other competent departments will ask coffee shops in the malls to provide reading materials to cope with the number of customers and engage their attention.

The law focusses on the need of full integration between the educational system and reading. It urges the Ministry of Education and other competent departments in the education sector to develop curricula and educational systems to promote reading skills among students and to oblige private educational institutions to develop their curricula to enable students to enhance their language capabilities.

According to the law, other competent authorities are asked to provide public libraries or reading facilities across the country, and stimulate private sector to invest in building libraries and cultural centres.

The law also stipulates that the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development will establish a unified and comprehensive database for all libraries in addition to libraries of the government institutions.

The law states that the National Media Council, the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development and Ministry of the Economy will set the development programmes to promote publication industry in the country and issue policies that would enhance reading in Arabic Language and provide high quality national books.

It also states that Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development will set the plans and the necessary fund to support publishing of materials and distribute them in accordance with the needs of the people with special needs.

Source: Emirates News Agency