Over 110 countries receive pavilions at Astana EXPO 2017

ASTANA, — A total of 115 countries and 20 international organisations are set to participate at the Astana EXPO-2017 after completing the official stage of applications receipt, Kazakhstan National Information Agency, Kazinform, reported.

All 115 countries and 14 international organisations have received their pavilions, and most have begun furnishing them. The remaining six organisations will hold conferences, round tables and forums during the Expo, organisers said.

“The issue of territory division and provision of pavilions has already been solved. There is a layout map for our 60,000-square metres. Each country has received its pavilion and is satisfied with its area. We meet the needs of every country. If it was needed we gave the second floor, we gave office premises to some countries for additional activity, and others want to do commercial activity. For example, Belarus decided to make up a picture gallery. And many other ins and outs,” Director of Department for Work with International Participants Ilia Urazakov said.

According to Urazakov, Germany has got the largest pavilion, while Luxembourg, Greece and the Czech Republic took the smallest ones. All countries have received their pavilions for free, but they will incur expenses for maintaining and furnishing them.

“We don’t doubt that all countries will astonish both with scientific research developments for Expo subject and cultural peculiarities by their shows. Because an exhibition is not only about showing research developments, many countries are willing to bring their cultural peculiarities and show tourism-related projects… We can endlessly talk about that,” Urazakov added.

He gave the example of China, which will introduce solar energy processing equipment. Japan and China will show their research on obtaining energy from human heat. Israel will introduce a project related to Earth energy. All countries need to finish all construction and installation work this year.

The international exposition is scheduled to take place between 10th June and 10th September in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The Expo’s theme, “Future Energy, “aims to create a global debate between countries, non-government organisations, companies and the public on the crucial question: “How do we ensure safe and sustainable access to energy for all while reducing CO2 emissions?”

The theme also concentrates on the future of energy, on innovative, practical energy solutions and their impacts.

The Expo 2017’s subtitle is “Solutions for Tackling Humankind’s Greatest Challenge.” Therefore, the Expo will showcase future energy solutions tackling social, economic and environmental challenges.

Source: Emirates News Agency