Ohoud Al Roumi attends graduation of first batch of customer happiness trainers

DUBAI, Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing and Director-General of the Prime Minister’s Office, stated that building the capacities of specialist national manpower and enabling them to achieve the UAE’s directives, as well as improving the community’s happiness and wellbeing, are major goals of the UAE government.

She made this statement during the graduation the first batch of customer happiness trainers, comprising over 50 employees of various government authorities who participated in a training programme organised by the “National Programme for Happiness and Positivity” and the “Emirates Government Services Excellence Programme,” in partnership with the Etisalat Academy.

Al Roumi said that the training programme, which is based on the latest scientific and practical techniques, succeeded in training leading happiness trainers from government authorities, which reflects the role of the National Programme for Happiness and Positivity and its efforts to empower and support government authorities and improve the abilities of their staff.

She also highlighted the key role of the trainers in transferring their expertise and skills to the customer service employees at their authorities, to achieve customer satisfaction while pointing out that new batches of customer happiness trainers will be trained in the future.

Mohamed bin Taliah, Assistant Director-General for Support Services at the Prime Minister’s Office, said that the training programme, which focused on 12 topics, included 50 members of 22 federal government authorities who completed over 2,200 training hours and involved practical exercises, workshops and lectures that focussed on customer service.

He added that the trainers will transfer their newly-acquired expertise and skills when training over 4,000 employees of the customer happiness centres of federal government authorities, which will improve customer experience and facilitate their services.

Dr. Ali Al Qaidi, Director-General of the Etisalat Academy, said that the academy is committed to providing quality education and development, as one of the major training providers for the business and telecommunication sectors in the Middle East.

Al Qaidi added that the academy aims to prepare qualified trainers and provide them with the necessary expertise and skills to achieve the best results and maintain professional, to improve morale and create the appropriate environment for offering the best services.

The training programme is based on the UAE Government’s “Customer Happiness Equation” and “Customers Happiness Guide,” and involves a series of practical exercises and workshops presented by specialist trainers from the academy, which cover the concepts of happiness and positivity and the methods of achieving customer happiness.

Source: Emirates News Agency