NYUAD Economics fifth in Asia research rankings

ABU DHABI, Economics at NYU Abu Dhabi, NYUAD, has been ranked the fifth most cited faculty in the Asia region by the bibliographic database Research Papers in Economics RePEc.

NYUAD economics climbed from the eighth most cited department in the Asia region in earlier this year to the fifth.

Dean of Social Science and Professor of Economics at NYUAD Herve CrAs commented on the rankings, “Climbing the RePEc ranking for Asia is a remarkable achievement for a ten-year-old university. NYUAD is an emerging champion on a continent that currently shapes the future of mankind, which truly gives us a sense of responsibility.”

Some 1,439 institutions and 6,051 authors were ranked for the top 12.5 percent of regional institutions, authors and publications.

For his part, Professor of Economics at NYUAD Christian Haefke, said, “At NYUAD economics we thrive in a reciprocal relationship with the community be it policy makers, students, firms, schools, or individuals to inform our research questions and push us to the frontiers of our science.

“By successfully engaging in research that contributes both to society and the scientific community we naturally progress in the perception by the public and our peers, thus continuing our advancement in scientific rankings.”

Source: Emirates News Agency