NEOM project’s phase 2 strategy to be announced by 2019 end: CEO

RIYADH, The second phase strategy of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project, an ambitious economic zone, will be announced by the end of 2019, a top official said.

The first phase of NEOM’s construction is now complete, and the world’s most ambitious project is set to announce its second phase strategy by the end of 2019, Saudi Press Agency, SPA, quoted Nadhmi Al-Nasr , CEO of NEOM, as saying.

“We started phase 2’s strategy, and we will finish that by end of 2019, which means by the end of the year we will share with the world what NEOM is going to be,” Al-Nasr said.

NEOM is becoming a reality as more facilities are being built at the project’s first urban area, NEOM Bay. “It is just the start, and work will continue endlessly,” the CEO said.

He said this while addressing a delegation of 160 diplomats accredited to the Kingdom, who recently visited the project site and attended the beach sports events that were held for the first time in NEOM.

The journey of NEOM started in October 2017.

Source: Emirates News Agency