NCM expects tropical depression in the Arabian Sea by next week

ABU DHABI, Current weather conditions and Numerical Weather Perdition indicate the possibilities of tropical depression in the Arabian Sea by next week, according to the National Center of Meteorology (NCM).

”The condition are favorable for the formation of tropical depression where the sea surface temperature in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean may range between 30 and 31 degrees accompanied by surface and upper low pressure to the west, high humidifies, and week vertical wind speed,” the NCM said.

”The low pressure is very likely to intensify into a tropical depression by Saturday, 6th October, and move north west towards center of Arabian Sea. Majority of numerical models indicate the movement will continue towards the coast of Oman.” ”The track and intensify for such situations might vary and change rapidly,” the NCM noted.

The autumn season (October and November) has recorded 67 tropical cases between1945 to 2017 in the Arabian Sea.

The NCM is closely monitoring the situation on the hour and will provide updates accordingly and urges the public to follow up the updated reports and avoid rumours.

Source: Emirates News Agency