NCM, EAD explore strengthening synergies

ABU DHABI, The National Centre of Meteorology, NCM, and Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, EAD, have discussed means to strengthen bilateral collaboration in future aimed at contributing to the efforts to protect the environment.

Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri, EAD Acting Secretary-General recently visited NCM headquarters, where she introduced to a range of NCM’s activities, the globally-recognised UAE Research Programme for Rain Enhancement Science, and the latest results of current research and operations.

Commenting on the visit, Dr. Abdulla Ahmed Al Mandous, Director of NCM, said, “We are honoured and delighted to receive Dr Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri at NCM today. Our Centre is proud to host the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi and facilitate our close cooperation on meteorological and environmental issues. By driving international efforts to advance meteorology, seismology and water security through promoting scientific best practices and international collaboration, NCM is working to fulfil the UAE Innovation Strategy’s vision of building a leading global knowledge economy in accordance with the laudable and ambitious aims of the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision.”

Shaikha Salem Al Dhaheri recognised the importance that a culture of collaboration and partnership with other local entities can have in preserving the emirate’s natural resources, as well as its contribution to EAD’s own efforts to protect the environment in Abu Dhabi.

“EAD’s management of our climate, environment and natural resources has been built on a rich heritage of traditional practice and knowledge accumulated over many years,” she said, adding that to sustain the impressive rate of the UAE’s development, “it is vital that we amplify our efforts to live in harmony with nature through a focus on innovation, as well as the encouragement of youth to play their full part in vital activities that care for our environment, aid understanding of our climate, and protect biodiversity and natural resources.”

Source: Emirates News Agency