National Archives conducts course on electronic archiving for governmental authorities

ABU DHABI — The National Archives has recently held a training course on the ‘Requirements of Electronic Archiving for Governmental Authorities’ at its headquarters, to learn the technical skills for organising governmental archives according to the best international standards.

The specialised training course included participants from over 20 governmental authorities who are working on electronic archiving projects in the UAE.

The course addressed several aspects, including the requirements of electronic archiving, ways to perform scanning, methods to identify the specifications of devices and programmes used in electronic archiving, and the current and future status of electronic systems.

It also provided an introduction to the Electronic Document Management System, EDMS, used in the National Archives, and the stages in converting a paper into an electronic document and making it available to decision makers and researchers, in accordance with the requirements of the EDMS.

The course highlighted the role of correct electronic archiving that is characterised by quality and accuracy to reach a phase of e-governance, in line with the UAE’s future strategy.

The course was concluded with the distribution of participation certificates by the National Archives.

Source: Emirates News Agency