Nahyan bin Mubarak witnesses launch of ‘Tolerance and Happiness Stations Programme’ in Al Ain

AL AIN, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister for Tolerance, said, “The UAE was established on the value of tolerance, which is an authentic characteristic that the Founding Leader, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, strongly believed in. This legacy was followed by the wise leadership and is being strengthened every day in our lives.”

“The Emirati school is a comprehensive system of authentic Emirati values, which are based on tolerance, respect, diversity, and coexistence with various nationalities, cultures and religions in the UAE,” he added while highlighting the role of Emirati schools in preparing and qualifying students, and establishing the values of tolerance and happiness within them.

He made this statement in his speech while launching the first stage of the “Tolerance and Happiness Stations Programme” for UAE national schools, which was held at the Al Ain City Complex and organised by the Emirates National Schools, in partnership with the National Commission for Education, Culture and Science and several private schools.

The launch began by celebrating the sponsors of the programme, which is an initiative of the commission.

Sheikh Nahyan thanked the wise leadership for supporting the country’s schools and providing opportunities for advancement and excellence to the students. He also stressed that the initiative will help the students to take part in aimful educational activities, and such programmes reflect the efforts to develop their personalities and their abilities to create, discover and initiate, as well as to strengthen their capabilities in handling their responsibilities and working as a team.

Sheikh Nahyan then launched the first stage of the programme, in which the students explained their ideas of tolerance and happiness. The launch also included the “One World Station,” where students representing several countries showcased their customs and traditions, as well as the “Tolerance Expressions Station,” which featured a play involving a teacher and student that highlighted the values of tolerance and happiness.

Source: Emirates News Agency