More than 40,000 children in the line of fire in Ar-Raqqa, Syria, as fighting intensifies

GENEVA — Heavy violence in the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqa is threatening the lives of more than 40,000 children who remain trapped in extremely dangerous conditions, UNICEF warned on Friday.

In a statement it released in Geneva, UNICEF said it has received alarming reports that at least 25 children have been killed and scores injured in the latest violence in Ar-Raqqa city.

“Hospitals and schools have reportedly come under attack. Those attempting to flee are at the danger of getting killed or injured. Children are being deprived of the most basic and life-saving necessities; little aid has reached Ar-Raqqa since 2013 due to violence and access restrictions,” the statement indicated.

“The fighting has resulted in massive displacement in and around the city, with some 80,000 children now internally displaced and living in temporary shelters and camps.

UNICEF calls on all parties to protect children inside Ar-Raqqa, provide safe passage to those wishing to leave the city and grant a protected environment to civilians who fled the city.

Source: Emirates News Agency