Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre showcases Sustainable Autonomous House at conference in Vienna

DUBAI — The Sustainable Energy Programme Section team at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, MBRSC, participated in the International Passive House Conference in Vienna.

Among the team members present at the conference were Abdulla Ahli, Manager of the Sustainable Energy Programme Section at the MBRSC, and Khalifa Majid Al Falasi, senior engineer at the section. The team made a presentation on the MBRSC’s Sustainable Autonomous House, which is certified by the Passive House Institute in Germany as the first passive house of its kind for hot and humid climates.

The presentation provided information on the engineering practices and technologies deployed in the house, including insulation techniques, a cooling system based on chilled water, mechanical air filtration, as well as a smart management and control systems. They stressed that the aim of the project is to decrease energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and meet the physiological and psychological needs of people who live in hot and humid temperatures.

On the sidelines of the conference, the team took part in various workshops discussing the field of passive houses, and lectures on the latest and most prominent technologies in the field.

Commenting on the MBRSC’s participation in the conference, Engineer Abdulla Ahli, Manager of the Sustainable Energy Programme Section at the MBRSC, said, “The goal of the centre’s participation in the International Passive House Conference in Vienna is to shed light on the advantages of its Sustainable Autonomous House at one of the most important conferences in the world.

“Furthermore, by participating in this conference we aim to increase our scientific and technical knowledge in the field of passive houses and learn more about advanced scientific discoveries to build a sustainable knowledge-based economy and ensure a prosperous future for our next generations,” he added.

“This Sustainable Autonomous House reflects the UAE’s comprehensive, forward-looking vision, which aims to preserve and protect the environment, and use smart technology to make people’s lives easier and happier,” Ahli concluded.

The MBRSC launched the Sustainable Autonomous House project as part of its research efforts in sustainability and green buildings. The house uses energy production and storing technology similar to that used when building satellites and space shuttles.

Source: Emirates News Agency